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You make me happy!

Posted by emileehathaway on February 23, 2008


Ok – so this was for SCS challenge TLC156 and it was given on Monday and here it is Saturday and I am finally getting around to making it.  Actually, I shouldn’t have done this at all!  So, when I was making this Andrew and his brother were moving us.  Yep, it’s moving day and I am playing in the craft room.  Well, it’s Moving day part 1.  We are moving the garage, basement and outdoor stuff … the inside stuff is going to be moved on Thursday.  I have so much to do … and everytime I think I need to get started I start working on something else, or I sit my butt on the couch and do Nothing!  LOL  I am just SO NOT motivated!  But I work best under pressure and I really have no choice starting on Monday so why not just wait … that was my motto during grad school, I used to write 10-20 page papers hours before class.  I would sit down in front of the computer and just start typing, and sometimes I was still doing research while typing.  I am horrible!  This technique does not work for everyone … but it sure does for me! 

But anyway, I made this little pouch for my sweetie and I stuffed it with peppermint patties to say thanks for all he does and for moving us while I play and watch the little man!  🙂  My job was much more fun!


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