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Elizabeth Bennet

Posted by emileehathaway on June 4, 2008

Ok – So ask my sis, I am in LOVE with everything Jane Austin.  Love the books, love the good movie adaptations from the BBC and A&E, love the language she uses.  Me and my sis are kinda dorks (you probably couldn’t tell that I was, could ya? LOL! 🙂 )   We used to quote passages from the books to each other in normal conversation.  And my dream has just come true!!  I just took a quiz on which Jane character I most am like and it’s Lizzy … my FAVORITE character!  Though I must say that Elinor Dashwood comes in a close second!  When you finish the quiz it tells you other possibilities and Elinor was one of them.  Too Funny!!  If you are interested in taking the quiz click here!


One Response to “Elizabeth Bennet”

  1. Pam Cooper said

    I am…Anne Elliot

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