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Where has she been?

Posted by emileehathaway on August 13, 2008

I know you all are sitting at home waiting and watching my blog with baited breath 🙂 wondering where I am … and all I have to say for myself is … watching the OLYMPICS!

So, watching the Olympics is a HUGE deal at my house if I could watch every single event I probably would.  Thank goodness for cable I can watch a good majority.  I remember when I was a kid hanging out in front of the TV for 2 solid weeks while they were on.  Normally I am not a huge sports watcher, just baseball here and there and then the playoffs, but for some reason I am ADDICTED to the Olympics everytime the team (or individual) that I was rooting for does well or wins the race it just brings tears to my eyes.  I get so excited for them!  They have worked so hard there and even though I don’t even know them I am filled with excitement and joy for them.  I know … you think I’m retarded!  That’s OK.  I still love ya!  P.S. Micheal Phelps is my new Hero!

So, I am hoping to get some stuff made and posted in the next day or so, but I’ll be out of town for the weekend so I am totally going to try to get a post off before I leave, if not I’ll post next Monday 🙂

Have a Super day!


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