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How Many Days ’til Christmas?

Posted by emileehathaway on December 3, 2008

Hi Everyone,

Here is a super fun, though not so super easy project I made for our family this year.  I pretty much copied this tutorial verbatim because I absolutely LOVED it!  Beate did such a great job with it, though she has much, much more patience than me, I used my cricut to cut out the letters and numbers because there was NO way I was going to cut those suckers out by hand! 🙂

img_1993 img_1995

We have used it the last 2 days so every time Kyler walks past he looks up and says “Some” which is his way of asking for another piece of candy!  It’s pretty cute!

Well, I hope you all had a very nice Thanksgiving week and are enjoying the Christmas season!



One Response to “How Many Days ’til Christmas?”

  1. melissa.h said

    hey e its mel i was just wondering if you could e mail me a couple of thoes pages to go into my scktch bbok that we made i was hopeing that i could make a couple of cards for my friends at school and maybee a bit of the family if it gets to them on time lol! =) so any ways you know our e mail just send them if you can (no rush) by the way tell kyler bug pop will be shure to fill his stocking clear full for christmas with candie canes (or licorice)lol heel never ask you for some again !!

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