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What’s the word …

Posted by emileehathaway on January 2, 2011

I have never picked a word for the year, I usually set goals, or make resolutions, but this year feels different.  It was right after Thanksgiving and I had this thought pop into my mind and then all blog entries started with their words for the year and it just felt right.  So this year instead of the same ridiculous goals, lose 5 more pounds, stop swearing as much or read more books, I have chosen the word JOY.  Not that I’m an unhappy person, quite the opposite really.  I love my 2 little boys, love my husband and really am content with life, I have just felt like I need to take joy in the little things.  I have felt overwhelmed with so many things to do that I am not enjoying anything.  Obviously I don’t blog, I hardly ever craft, I do all the same things day in and day out.  So if it doesn’t bring me joy, I am going to rethink that task or that item’s priority on my to do list. 

These last two weeks have been a lot slower paced than what my life had been and I have been loving it, and it’s been easier to do the mundane because I don’t feel so rushed, I want to not just be happy, but find joy in making breakfast, doing the laundry, watching my boys laugh, and giggle and play trucks on the family room floor.  There are so many distractions and pressures that overstep their boundaries and so I have decided that instead of letting the big things overwhelm me I am going to celebrate the little victories and the happy moments before they pass me by.

Now that doesn’t mean I am going to blog any more than I have been ;), but it does mean that if I don’t blog, I will feel not feel guilty because I am most likely playing trucks or building puzzles with my little guys.

If you haven’t picked a word for this year, I highly recommend it, it has done wonders for me and it’s only the 2nd day of the year!

P.S.  Happy New Years everyone.  I hope it’s a good one.


One Response to “What’s the word …”

  1. Eve said

    Thanks Emilee! Picking a word would be better than resoultions, never follow through with it anyway. Thanks for inspiring me.
    Love, Eve

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